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Cast iron radiator collection and delivery servicesRadiator Renovator Collection or Delivery

We thought it would be useful to add some guidance on cast iron radiator collection and delivery services.

Our aim is always to keep the final cost to our customers as low as possible and so we try and source the most cost effective way of getting radiators (and other items) to and from your home or place of business.

We do like to collect and deliver our products ourselves. That way we can make sure that they are treated with care and respect. However, as you can imagine if the place of delivery is further than “just down the road” then we have to charge not just for transport costs but for our time too. This often makes the cost of collection and delivery preclusive for you and we understand this. That said, some of our customers do prefer the personal service (please see our general terms and conditions for details of what we can and cannot do) and we are always happy to quote for this.

In instances where collection and delivery by ourselves is just impractical we can arrange a national courier service on your behalf at extremely reasonable rates.

Cast iron radiator collection and delivery services:

Palleted courier services

Compare the cost of sending a standard parcel through the post against the cost of transporting a pallet measuring a maximum of 1 meter x 1 .2 meters wide x 2 meters high with a maximum weight of 1000 kg and you will be astounded by the value of sending such a pallet. Small posted parcels generally cost £4- £5 second class whilst a pallet sent to the other side of the country can cost as little as £90-£150 depending on which service you require – next day or 2-3 day delivery.

The Tax man says that it costs you £0.45 per mile to run your car for business purposes if you are claiming out of pocket expenses at work. Again compare this against £90 – £115 to run an articulated truck and the associated infrastructure across the country to deliver your pallet. Again, the pallet is fantastic value.

Some important things to bear in mind is that the vast majority of courier services provide single driver operations and are not insured to enter your home. With this in mind you must be able to provide a pallet.

Pallets are often available locally very cheaply (if not free). You must also be able and prepared to arrange for your radiators to be stacked, safe and secure on a pallet ready for collection at the nearest safe and legal point of public highway or suitable private road (with permission from the owner) to the delivery address. You will also need to make similar arrangements in order for your radiators to be delivered.

We would ask that your pallet is in good or reasonable condition and that we can get a pallet truck or forklift underneath in order to lift it on and off a delivery truck. For our part we will undertake to deliver or return your radiators properly wrapped and secured on a pallet that is in good usable condition.

For our part we will ensure that when they leave our workshop your radiators are unscratched and in good order. They will be properly wrapped. They will be wrapped and secured on a pallet that is in good usable condition.

Ensure that when they leave our workshop your radiators are unscratched and in good order. they will be properly wrapped. They will be wrapped and secured on a pallet that is in good usable condition.

When you receive your radiators it is vitally important that you check their condition before you sign for them. Bear in mind that small scratches often occur during unpacking and handling and this is to be accepted. For this reason we can happily provide a small tub of touch up paint.

However, If there is more substantial damage DO NOT sign-off goods as being in good condition if they are not. The haulage companies are insured but cannot and will not compensate for damage in transit when goods have been signed off as being in good condition.

Please bear in mind that whilst you will know the day of the collection or delivery the Palleted Courier Services will not be able to give you a specific pick up or delivery time.

That said (although not guaranteed) we are sometimes able to get a rough estimate of the time of arrival on the morning of the pick up or delivery – once the courier company knows the route for that day.

Assisted Courier Services

Unlike Palleted Courier Services, the Assisted service will provide drivers (in most cases two) who will be able to help you move your disconnected radiator(s) from a safe and convenient place in your home to the pick up vehicle and vice versa. They will have their own Terms & Conditions. So please familiarise yourself with these.

The cost for the Assisted Courier Service could be substantially more than the Palleted Courier Service. Price varies on the number and size of your radiators and the area in which you live.

There are, of course limitations to the size of radiator the Assisted service can help you with. You may not need a pallet for the Assisted Courier Service.

For added convenience the Assisted service will also be able to let you know in advance what time they expect to arrive at the pick up or drop off point.

Please feel free to talk to us about cast iron radiator collection and delivery services; We will be happy to determine a price and make the appropriate arrangements on your behalf. Alternatively you could liaise with the courier company yourself.

For useful advice on lifting and carrying radiators see our blog: