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Returns policy

Our returns policy

We do accept returns under certain circumstances. However, we are unable to guarantee pre-used radiators. When making your decision to purchase an original pre-used radiator you should bear in mind that they are old and this may carry a slight risk of a latent fault. The purchaser should be prepared to accept this risk when purchasing a pre-used radiator.
This acknowledged, we really do want you to enjoy your original radiator and we work very hard to make sure your radiator reaches you in the best condition possible. All our radiators are inspected and pressure tested before they leave us.
However we do accept that very rarely, despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong. In view of this we will accept a return of your radiator within a set timescale should you discover a serious fault.
1. The customer is responsible for inspecting any item immediately upon receipt. Radiator Renovator must be informed of any problem within 3 days of receiving your item. Thereafter Radiator Renovator will not be responsible for any damage or shortage that would have been apparent upon reasonable inspection.
2. Radiator Renovator will not, under any circumstance be responsible for any damage or shortage that can be reasonably attributed to a third party.
3. Returns resulting from leaks caused by faults can only be accepted within 14 days from the date of purchase.
4. Returns can only be accepted and refunds can only be given in the event of a serious fault in the item. This does not include faults that can be easily rectified by the use of a small amount of touch up paint or the application of off the shelf sealing products and careful tightening of core bush fittings wherever possible.
5. Our returns policy includes any serious fault resulting in a leak from the main body of the radiator or any other serious fault falling outside the ability of any competent DIYer provided the item is returned within 14 days of the date of purchase.
6. Refunds will not include the cost of original delivery, pick up or associated plumbing costs. The purchaser must cover the cost of removal, return, re-delivery and re-fitting.
7. Refunds cannot be made without receipt of the faulty item.
8. Radiator Renovator will not offer plumbing services and cannot be held responsible for breakages incurred during the fitting process (e.g. cracks resulting from over tightening of plugs and bushes, breakages resulting from mishandling, etc).
9. In the unlikely event of a return Radiator Renovator will try and repair or replace your radiator with a similar one. If this is not possible Radiator Renovator will refund the full purchase price of the item if bought directly from Radiator Renovator.
10. If bought via a third party outlet Radiator Renovator will try and replace it with a similar one or refund the full purchase price of the item less any commission charged by that third party.
11. Timescales may be extended at the absolute discretion of Radiator Renovator. Extensions to timescales must be confirmed in writing by Radiator Renovator.
12. Other exceptional return arrangements may be agreed at the absolute discretion of Radiator Renovator. Exceptional return arrangements must be agreed and confirmed in writing by Radiator Renovator.
13. Exceptional return arrangements may be subject to a restocking charge or an administration fee. Such fees must be agreed and accepted by the customer before exceptional arrangements are applied.

For further information elating to our returns policy please see our FAQ section