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Radiator Valves & Accessories

Vintage Cast Iron Radiator Valves & Accessories

We supply an exquisite range of superb quality radiator valves and accessories hand-picked and exclusively sourced to compliment your cast iron radiator. As with our radiators we believe that valves and accessories should reflect the love and attention you give to your home.

RAdiaotr valvles and accessories RAdiator Renovator

Original traditional decor – Vintage design cast iron radiator valves

The traditional valve is one of our best-selling valve models due to its beautiful vintage design. It was used all over Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Radiator Renovator has revived this model and started producing it in the last few years. It is made out of brass and it comes in different finishes. The regulation handle has a lever shape and is very easy to use. The elegant contrast between the black lever and the remaining components of the valve makes it a must have for an original traditional décor. It is suitable for all types of cast iron radiators.
This vintage design valve fits any room and is sure to add a touch of history to the entire interior design. Not to mention it is also very resistant and easy to use.

Radiator valves and accessories Radiator renovator

Perfect for modern designs – Small and functional cast iron radiator valves

This model is the smaller version of the Traditio Valve, having the same properties and functions. Traditio Minor is mostly used for shorter or thinner radiators, with fewer elements. Besides its shape, there aren’t any more differences, meaning this valve fits perfectly in any modern heating system.
Traditio Minor is a great choice for those who want to add more style to their vintage or new cast iron radiator. It is suitable for every room and radiator.

Radiator valeves and accessories Radiator Renovator

Automatic temperature adjusting – Floral pattern cast iron radiator valves

The Thermostatic Floris Valve is a more complex version of the simple Floris. It is able to adjust the room temperature automatically through the thermostat included in the handle. It has the similar functionality of a modern valve albeit of its vintage appearance. The distinct crocus flower pattern is a superb addition to your cast iron radiator.
This valve is a great choice for those who want to benefit from the comfort of having heat automatically adjusted.

Radiator Valves and Accessories Radiator Renovator

Berliner Messing – traditional German design

Berliner Messing is our newest valve model, inspired by a valve found in a basement in Berlin, June 2013. From the first moment we saw the valve, we knew it was a model that needed to be revived, that will bring style and elegance to peoples homes. Six months later, after making dozens of sketches and drawings of the antique plate and handle, the first moulds were made. Since then, we started producing the valve in both angle and straight versions.
The antique model dates back in late 1890’s and precisely expresses the characteristics of that era. This vintage valve is entirely made out of brass, with a Bakelite handle and features a fine floral pattern that surrounds the embossed name and heat indicators.