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To heat or not to heat

risky to overheat your cast iron radiatorradiator renovtor

No matter the situation, it’s always risky to overheat your cast iron radiator

Risky to overheat your cast iron radiator

…for instance welding cast iron is notoriously difficult and many experts avoid this if they can. Read on to discover why it’s risky to overheat your cast iron radiator.

That said, often there is no alternative to using extreme heat (and brute force) to remove oversized and obsolete fittings from old radiators… but watch out, this really is a danger area as cast iron can be very often be unforgiving and offers a high risk of cracking due to its brittle nature.

Old radiators are not precision instruments and we often have to use brute force to remove redundant parts and allow access. Oversized spanners, huge sockets, long wrenches, extension bars and big hammers are often the order of the day.

You do have to be extremely careful, lest you hear that unmistakable high pitched, tuning fork precision like “Tinggg”. (that’s what cast iron sounds like when it splits). That said it’s no good asking it nicely to come apart, it will resist you.  This is where experience comes in handy, knowing just how much force to use, what kind of surface to do it on, which tools to use, how to restrain the radiator and how to use the radiators weight to your own advantage, etc, etc. You have to show determination and go for it, show it who’s boss. When it absolutely refuses to budge then the trusty welding torch has to be the measure of the day. Don’t rely on your DIY blow torch, these things laugh in the face of such instruments….”Hahahaha, c’mon, bring it on” they say.

You’ve heard the famous line form the famous film “We’re going to need a bigger boat”? Well, in our line of business we definitely need bigger spanners, blow torches, hammers and wrenches….oh, and under no circumstances, never ever forget to wear the proper protective clothing (especially on your feet).