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Original or New Cast Iron Radiators

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Original or new Cast Iron Radiators? The choice is yours

Deciding between original or new cast iron radiators can be an easy choice to some whilst being a daunting task to others.

In our experience customers who want original radiators are very clear that they absolutely want and must have radiators with a history and character of their very own including, in many cases, a story to tell. We totally understand this, it’s the reason many people choose cast iron radiators in the first place.

When we first started we were (dare we say it) a little snobbish (ok, a lot snobbish) about the fact that we only sold original radiators. To this day we can tell the difference between original and 99% of reproduction radiators at a glance.

In our defence our view was tainted by the many substandard products on the market. If you’re reading this you’ll probably have already come across them yourself. After a number of enquires from customers requiring a large amount of radiators with specific size and output all of which needed to be the same style throughout we came to realise the only way we could provide this with any degree of certainty was to provide reproduction radiators – Of course we could do this but only if we could provide radiators of the best possible quality, radiators which we could be proud of and our customers would be delighted with.

Having tried and been let down by others, eventually we found one manufacturer who produced the quality and standard we required and were prepared to put our name to. They were so good in fact that our view was totally changed (yes, we were wrong). We were so impressed that we simply had to add them to our range.

We actively disassociate our range from a great many others that are available on the market, so much so that we will only deal in European made radiators; we feel this is reflected in their quality and are totally representative of the quality our customers deserve.

As part of our exacting criteria we will only work with manufacturer(s) of radiators and accessories who have evidenced to us exceptional pre and after sales support.

You can see our select range on our website, just click the “New Radiators” tab and scroll down to view our range.

Of course there remains a difference between the two (original and new) and we wouldn’t want to pretend otherwise. However, when asked now our advice is “it’s definitely a case of horses for courses”; it depends entirely what you want from your radiator(s)

So, In order to help you we thought it would be useful to outline some key advantages of each.

Advantages of original cast iron radiators

Advantages of original cast iron radiators | radiator renovator
Original or New Cast Iron Radiators

• Originals have lots of character, often showing signs of a ‘patina’ and pedigree.
• Originals have been recycled and consequently suit the more environmentally conscious.
• Originals are generally a little less expensive than heritage when purchasing larger column style radiators.
• Originals are more likely to suit older properties.
• Originals have their own history and like to show it.
• Originals have formed part of our own UK manufacturing history and proudly demonstrate this.
• Originals are in keeping with the desire to maintain authenticity in renovated properties.
• Originals are collectable and are (in many cases) antiques.
• Originals offer the customer the option to share in the renovation journey.


Advantages of new cast iron radiators

Original or New Cast Iron Radiators | Radiator Renovator
Original or New Cast Iron Radiators

• New cast iron radiators can be ordered and built to specific specifications in terms of sizes, output and style.
• New cast iron radiator styles can be matched in larger numbers in the same property more readily
• New cast iron radiators offer a greater range of price options..
• New cast iron radiators are more convenient and can be more easily sourced and provided.
• New cast iron radiators offer a “what you see is what you get” peace of mind.
• New cast iron radiators offer a substantially longer guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

New cast iron radiators can offer that ‘new pin’ look more suited to contemporary properties.

Original or New Cast Iron Radiators

The choice is yours. Either way we can offer you radiators you’ll be proud to show off – just get in touch.