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Marston & Langinger paint

Marston & Langinger paint

Radiator Renovator are proud to introduce our latest partners superior paint manufacturers Marston & Langinger.

What makes Marston & Langinger paint stand out from the rest?

Not only do Marston & Langinger paints offer a beautiful range of 84 colours, consisting of both classic shades and more contemporary tones, but they are also technically advanced. They are self-priming and extraordinarily durable.

This luxury paint flows beautifully from a brush to settle as a virtually odourless, quick drying, even coating that is immensely durable giving a tough, wipe clean surface that is not typically associated with flat matt paint.

The rich pigmentation, or chroma, of our paint, produces a beguiling depth of colour. You will notice a wide range of tones under different lighting conditions.

Why does Marston & Langinger paint carry the Nordic Swan mark?

The Nordic Ecolabel is an assurance that a company’s products have been produced according to a set of stringent environmental criteria. By buying Nordic Ecolabelled products and services, consumers can make climate-friendly choices, and support companies whom sustainability is a key concern.

All Marston & Langinger paints are solvent-free, water-based and meet the most exacting environmental standards. Our paints contain only the best ingredients, and unlike some other popular paint brands, we do not use ‘fillers’ such as chalk.

What surface can Marston & Langinger paint be used on?

We offer all 84 colours in 3 finishes: Interior Chalky Matt, Interior Eggshell and Exterior Eggshell.

Chalky Interior Matt – 2% sheen ultra matt finish, possessing remarkable colour intensity. Recommended for use on plaster walls and ceilings but can also be applied to woodwork (often used instead of furniture paint) and masonry.

Interior Eggshell – 10% sheen matt finish. Often used on kitchen cabinetry, this durable paint is resilient to common cleaning chemicals (including spray bleach). Recommended for woodwork but can also be applied to plaster, masonry and metalwork.

Exterior Eggshell – 20% sheen stain finish. This luxury paint acts as a breathable skin, that can move as wood expands and contracts. Recommended for woodwork but can also be applied to plaster, masonry and metalwork.

You can find more information on the application of each finish at the Marston & Langinger website.

Marston and Langinger paints at Radiator Renovator
Marston and Langinger paints at Radiator Renovator

What inspired the colours and names for these luxury paint?

Architectural designers created the colour palette to match, contrast or complement natural stones and flora.

Will you be expanding the colour palette?

In addition to our 84 colour palette, we still offer the archived range and can offer a colour matching service. We are also venturing into possible partnerships that will see bespoke colour packages created for these specially chosen partners.

Our aim for 2017 is to introduce a colour consultancy service, enabling us to better support and inspire our customers; providing the advice they need to achieve the look and feel they want for their home.

What has been the most popular paint this year?

Although lighter, more classic shades have always been popular (with firm favourites being English Plaster and Portland), we are starting to see a shift towards bolder statement colours such as Greyfriars and Umber for exteriors and English Pear and Smoke Blue for interiors.