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Debit and Credit Card payment options

Cast iron radiator payment options

Cast iron radiator payment options – Debit and Credit Cards

We’re pleased to announce that we have now secured options to pay by debit and credit card. We’ve avoided this up to now because there is a cost element which (no matter how it is covered up or presented) is always just passed onto the customer.

That said, some of you have had or have heard of unfortunate experiences with other purchases and would like the peace of mind associated with card payments.

As our own customers will know, we’ve always invested lots of effort in building a relationship prior to selling something. We think this is what makes us stand out. On the very rare occasion when things haven’t quite gone to plan we’ve been immediately on hand making sure things are put right, we also think this makes us stand out.

To date our Cast iron radiator payment options has enabled us to rely solely on payment by BACS transfer but we understand some initial reservation.

So…..Vin has worked really hard to get you the best possible deal on debit and credit card payments. She’s really pinned down the detail.

Her emphasis has been on securing a merchant facility provider who she feels listens to customer concerns, is approachable enough to understand our business, who sees you and us as individuals and has the best possible rates.

There were some wild variations in the scores she gave to providers, especially when it came to listening to the customer and transaction charges – It must be said that those with the highest charges were those least likely to respond to customer concerns.

Radiator Renovator are happy to accept all major Debit and Credit cards and do not charge extra for this service.

Cast iron radiator payment options

We now accept Maestro, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Card Payments - Radiator Renovator