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Merry Christmas one and all

Christmas at Radiator Renovator

Christmas Radiator Renovator

Well, it’s that time of year again and we would dearly like to wish every one of our customer’s a very merry Christmas and an extremely happy new year.

As well as looking forward to the impending office parties , merry making and spending time with our families, we also look back at what 2017 brought us. Hopefully yours was as successful as ours.

Here at Radiator Renovator we’re incredibly lucky to have had the support of a wide customer base, both domestic and commercial. As always we’ve enjoyed working with everyone and really appreciate the fact that our clients continue to help us go from strength to strength; we’re blessed with lots of repeat custom and loyal supporters.
We hope that we’ve given each and all the encouragement to continue working with us and we look forward to building new and even longer lasting relationships in 2018.

We’d also like to take time to remind ourselves of the excellent work and support of our partners, Classic Comfort and Marston & Langinger, please do check out their websites. They share the same passion for their work as we do.
We suspect 2018 will bring new and exciting challenges.

Of course we’d like to grow our business and hope you will continue to help us to do this. In particular we want to invest in staff and equipment.  We also want to increase our profile in new radiators. In a world dominated by image and huge marketing budgets we know we can’t compete financially with those large companies importing from cheap and forced labour markets. These account for the vast majority of the UK market. Remember, no matter what you’re told there are no radiators made in the UK!

That said, we know we can hold our own against anybody when it comes to quality of product and service which is why we will continue our mission to inform you that when you’re purchasing a product that is expected to last a lifetime quality should always count over price.

We sincerely hope that Santa is kind to you all, that you wake up refreshed on New Year’s Day and that Halifax becomes one of your destinations. We look forward to hearing from you in 2018

A Merry Christmas one and all (including Tiny Tim).