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Home improvement trends 2018

home improvement trends 2018

Home improvement trends 2018 – Preparing for warmer weather

Bold, striking colours are the flavour heading into 2018

What are the home improvement trends 2018? Bold, striking colours are the flavour heading into 2018. Confident use of colours is certainly a growing theme with many of our customers as people prepare for warmer weather and summer. Today’s brave pallet includes vivid reds, blues, greens and (of course) decadent purples.

Traditional with a twist

More commonly were seeing ‘traditional with a twist’, old sofas and armchairs recovered in daring contemporary materials, again in bold striking colours.
Wood remains popular, Large dark antique sideboards softened with a wonderful array of lighting. Blinds and Café-style shutters which maximise sunlight and maintain privacy when closed are currently fashionable and eminently practical.

Embrace modernity and fashion

As our homes become more technological we’re seeing people embrace modernity and fashion but were still seeing that very modernity mixed with traditional linchpins – modern intrepid pallets complimenting modern home wear and new innovations in comfort gadgetry yet these are still all held together with comforting calming reliability of timeless enduring home fixtures, particularly classic fixtures such as fireplaces, stoves coving, windows, doors and (of course) radiators.

Re-invent last year’s look

Whatever your taste this time of year is traditionally the time we like to re-invent last year’s look and start to consider making changes.

Like making new start, making significant changes to your home requires lots of thought and energy. That’s why, when customers come to us, we always say how important it is to get it right. It doesn’t matter how often you need to come backwards and forwards, it needs to be right, take your time, relax, and give it some serious thought. We’ll work with you throughout.

Home improvement trends 2018 – preparation is the key

Because it takes time and effort don’t forget that preparing for warmer weather starts now. Winter will soon be gone and the time to start dismantling your heating system will be upon us sooner than you think. You have a window of opportunity to install your dream radiators. You really don’t want to be going into autumn panicking that your heating won’t be ready in time. Contact us now and start preparing for warmer weather.