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How long it will take to prepare a cast iron radiator

Should you powder coat your refurbished radiator radiator refurbishment | How long it will take to prepare a cast iron radiator

We are often asked how long it will take to prepare a cast iron radiator (or two). This is a totally understandable question and we are often able to narrow the date down to a specific date four to six weeks ahead. By and large this satisfies most customers and by and large we are able to stick to this timescale.
We understand that customers often have their own schedule and timescales to meet; this is often set by their plumber or contractor or sometimes it’s just a simple desire to get the job done.

We always provide the proposed completion date with a simple caveat – that we strongly recommend you wait until you have your radiators in your possession before you fit pipe work, agree any arrangements with contractors, etc. This way you are assured that you have all the correct measurements and that no unforeseen problems interfere with your own
imposed timescale and schedule.

Although we have a select ion of finished radiators in our showroom most of our customer’s radiators are built or supplied to a bespoke order. This means that we will start working on a radiator only after it has been ordered. The same principle applies to customer’s own radiators that are sent to us for Refurbishment or Renovation.

There really is more to refurbishing or renovating radiators than simply applying a coat of paint. A lot of work goes into trying to make sure that as far as possible your radiator reaches you in the best possible condition. We always say that it’s better for us to find any potential fault here rather than you finding it in your living room.

There a number of processes that your radiator goes through when we work on it, each one as important as the one before. If we find a fault early on in the process more often than not we can solve it quickly without too much interference with predicted timescales. However if a fault does not manifest itself until the later stages (post blasting and priming) we face an entirely different situation in so much that this could well necessitate taking the whole process back to the initial stages. As you can imagine, if this doesn’t happen until week 4 we suddenly need to potentially add another 4 weeks onto the timescale. Likewise, if we do not feel that your radiator is ready for release we would rather delay dispatching it until it’s properly ready rather than succumb to the stress or pressure of sticking to a deadline (often imposed by the customer) . It’s far better allowing more time than potentially sending you a faulty radiator because timescales demanded it.

There are some simple rules of thumb we apply to timescales when estimating how long it will take to prepare a cast iron radiator:-

1. We strongly recommend you plan well in advance and wait until you have your radiators before you make any fitting arrangements
2. We will try our utmost to get your radiator to you as quickly as possible but quality of product is more important than speed of service.
3. We are happy to give you our best predication on timescales but cannot guarantee this
4. We won’t release goods until we’re happy with them – despite the temptation orpressure to do so.
5. Your needs are more important than someone else’s.
6. We usually have more than one customer at a time and all are equally important.
7. Public holidays and events, your holidays and our holidays can sometimes interfere with and extend timescales
8. No one can predict unforeseen circumstances.
9. Rule 1 takes precedence.

How long it will take to prepare a cast iron radiator

We apply these rules of thumb because we want you to be happy with your purchase and we want you to come back. Don’t be put off we’ll work very hard with you to get the job done as quickly and as practicably and realistically as possible.

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