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Beautiful Cast Iron Radiators from Radiator Renovator

Radiator Renovator is specialists in cast iron radiators. Based in Yorkshire, Radiator Renovator is a family run business that supplies antique, vintage and reproduction radiators to homes and businesses across the UK (…more about us).

The Radiator Renovator cast iron radiator showroom has both refurbished and new radiators and accessories on display.

Choosing your Cast iron radiator

We love cast iron radiators. A fusion of beauty and function, both new and vintage radiators can be an asset in almost any setting. If you’re not sure what might suit you best (or what the differences are!), take a look at our post comparing new and vintage cast iron radiators

Radiator Renovator Vintage Radiator

Vintage cast iron radiators

…sourced and then lovingly restored by us, these beautiful pieces bring a sense of individuality, quality and the patina of history into any setting: period to contemporary, domestic to industrial.

Radiator Renovator New radiator

New reproduction cast iron radiators

…if you’re after the gorgeous feel and style of cast iron and new radiators suit you better, we have a select range of styles available from high quality, European manufacturers who are approved by us.

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Cast Iron Radiator Renovation Service

…if you have existing cast iron radiators that have seen better days, we offer a professional renovation service: anything from repainting and pressure testing, to completely stripping down and rebuilding your cherished radiator.

Valves and Accessories Radiator Renovator

Cast Iron Radiator valves and accessories

…if you’re looking for valves, feet, wall ties, or anything else to compliment your cast iron radiators, we can supply both vintage and new accessories.

Design, building and heritage professionals

Radiator Renovator has a proven track record of working alongside professionals of various disciplines to supply and renovate all types of cast iron radiators. We have worked on high profile, prestigious restoration and new build programs on various sites ranging from important national heritage buildings through to commercial and conference facilities …find out more.

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Refurbished or REproduction Radiators?

We supply original reclaimed cast iron radiators and new classic style cast iron radiators that will bring a sense of history and beauty to your home.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you see our contact us page for all of our contact details.

We Believe In Clean And Beautiful Design And Help Our Customers Accomplish That

Our customers live in many different types of houses – new ones, old ones, big ones, little ones, none are the same. However, two things they do have in common is their desire to make their home look beautiful and the fact that they have chosen (or are considering) cast iron radiators to help them do this.

There used to be a myth that cast iron radiators are strictly for period style living, more recently people are starting to understand the Joy of cast iron radiators. Of course if you’re undertaking that barn conversion or church renovation then you’re more likely to turn to period radiators for a more original and complimentary feel. That said, this is certainly not the case with the majority of our customers.

Designed To Fit Any Lifestyle

Our customers live busy modern lifestyles and are surrounded by the paraphernalia of modern living. For the most part our customers’ home and choice of interior design reflect the lifestyles they and their friends lead – tasteful, clean, contemporary, convenient –  yet unique to them.

We have worked on important national heritage sites such as Leicester cathedral where the emphasis was on radiator conservation, we love doing this but we are never more excited than when we are helping customers go through the many radiator options we often present them with when they come to us to help furnish their semi detached family home, terraced house or professional apartment.

Cast iron radiators work on exactly the same principle as modern steel radiators, that is to say ‘water in and water out’ – with the exception of course that cast iron radiators become part of your most cherished furniture! The other difference between steel and cast iron radiators is that cast iron radiators usually have a larger internal volume, so they take a few more minutes to warm up. This also means that they stay warm well after the boiler has been turned off and so continue to heat your room even after they have been switched off.

All Our Radiators Are Finished To Fit Modern Systems Fitted With Modern Efficient Boilers. They Work Perfectly Well In Modern Systems Which Is Good News For You And Good News For Us.

Of course we all know that there is a huge aesthetic consideration too. As we say, whether they are salvaged radiators or new cast iron radiators they will become part of your furniture and an essential part of the feel of your home, you will admire them for many years, as will your guests.

Although you aren’t likely to pick them up and take them with you when you move (or maybe you are!) they will add desirability to your home, help it sell and may even add value.

Whilst we cannot advise you on taste we can say that our traditional radiators continue to be enjoyed in all settings, our customers can attest to that.

To discover more about the Joy of cast iron radiators contact Andrew.