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Ornate Radiators

Antique ornate radiators

For that challenging high profile project where you need to make a real impact and lasting impression, Radiator Renovate can supply you with a superb selection of original ornate radiators made from the finest cast iron.

Ornate radiators

We have available a huge stock of ornate vintage radiators sourced from North America, the UK and Europe. Our radiators could come from a landmark building in Yorkshire, a country house in Lemousin or a renowned venue in New York. Because we have such a large search area and contact base we are able to offer the most extensive range of original ornate radiators in the UK.

Made between 1880 and 1930 our ornate radiators are true antiques, each one showing a history and patina not available elsewhere. Built to last, these architectural antiques make it easy to admire the quality and robustness of incredible creative workmanship derived from a pre-disposable era.

Available in many different styles and sizes our antique radiators will afford true sense of style and exquisiteness well worth the investment. Our ornate antique radiators already average 100 years in age and are set to last yet another 100 years.

With a style and creativity comparable with many great artists and craftsman of the era, artists such as Waterhouse, Mackintosh and Chiparus, radiators with names such as Rococo, Imperial, Solus, Richmond, Union, etc will all add an unmistakable impression on your client.
As with all our radiators the functionality of our ornate radiators remains the same today as the day they were built. Supplied to fit any modern heating system our antique radiators will fit seamlessly into any project.

For further information please call Andrew on 07908 971657 for an informal discussion. Alternatively do feel free to contact us with details of your project. We’d be more than happy to spend time discussing your options.