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Classic Comfort

Welcome to Classic Comfort

Classic Comfort are passionate about interior design, traditional styles and good quality radiators. For them, radiators are not just means of warming a room, they are important parts of the interior design and environment.

It was 12 years ago when they first had contact with cast iron radiators, and they haven’t been apart since.

Classic Comfort manufactured brass valves ensure functionality and stability to their radiators, while also keeping the traditional design and aesthetic. Their valves are both new and vintage, for those who want the real classical feeling.

Interior designs can be completed using traditional electrical switches. Their electrical switches are made from Bakelite and have guaranteed quality for long term usage.

About Classic Comfort

“It all started 12 years ago when I bought an 1857 house. During its restoration process I realised it needed two vintage radiators to fit in the rooms I was planning to redecorate in a traditional style. I did a great deal of research regarding interior design, architecture and plumbing which led me towards the conclusion that cast iron radiators were the perfect solution for my dream home. There weren’t many cast iron radiator suppliers back then and what they were offering was either too expensive or did not have the quality I desired, so at that particular moment I decided to manufacture radiators myself. The passion for interior design and quality radiators was the reason I founded the business in 2003, and it kept us going on for over 14 years, with the same tenacity and ambition.”

GUNTHER MELLEBEEK   Founder and manager

Classic Comfort started off as a manufacturer of new radiators based on antique radiator designs. In 2008, they started reconditioning vintage ones imported from the USA – the birth place of cast iron radiators. All antique radiators have a story. Whether they come from hotels, old factories or private homes, their presence creates a small corner of history inside your home and gives your place that special feeling you want to share with your dear ones.

“I enjoy restoring antique radiators and imagine how well their interesting inlaid ornaments would complement the suitable interior design. Having been in the client’s position, made me realise how important it is to have someone to guide you through. We advise our clients and help them take the right decision. We go to the clients’ house in order to establish the suitable radiators for their living space, considering factors such as heat output, radiator design, size and number. Moreover, we do not only deliver the radiators, but we also carry them inside the house and install them in the required location. The radiators are handled by professionals to avoid clients getting injured or dropping them accidentally. We even collaborate with elevator services in order to safely deliver radiators.”

Classic Comfort supply radiators for clients all over Europe, they also have a distribution network which includes business partner Radiator Renovator in the UK. Their products are created to suit all room sizes from small private homes to huge European castles. Regardless of the project size all jobs are treated with the same passion and care.

For more information about Classic Comfort please visit their website